What’s Draining Your Battery

What You Need To Know

The NERVOUS SYSTEM is what gives energy and life to the body!

Part of that is the Autonomic Nervous System – it controls involuntary systems like breathing, heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, immune function.

The ANS has 2 parts:

  • The Sympathetic is our fight, flight, or freeze STRESS response.
  • The Parasympathetic is the rest & digest or RESTORE response.

Kind of like a Gas pedal and Brake pedal, and there must be balance between the two.

The Gas pedal, STRESS response, is activated from what we call the 3T’s – Thoughts, Traumas, & Toxins.

  • Emotional Stress like losing a loved one, depression, anxiety, Burn-Out
  • Physical Stress like sitting all day, doing repetitive movements, or traumas like an accident or fall.
  • Toxins like viruses, chemical sprays, or components in consumable products.

These STERESSORS hammer the gas pedal and burn a lot of energy

Why it Matters

Every Body has an Energy Bank. 

When there is proper balance, the body can Rest and RESTORE, and the body’s Energy Bank is refilled to what is needed (and hopefully an abundance!)  When the body is locked into a STRESS response, or in Sympathetic dominance – The body is spending more energy than it can make.

This is Energetic Debt and when it happens over a period, the body gets stuck in the fatigue state and that’s where we see Chronic Fatigue.

When there is energetic debt, the body must compensate.  These compensations give lots of signals that something isn’t right.  When the body compensates so long, it ends up in DIS-Ease when it doesn’t have the resources to fix the problem.

Take Action

So, how can the body’s Energy Bank get refilled when resources are depleted? 

Well, first we must get to the root of the problem, then implement a plan tailored to the individual  to heal the body – get out of the STRESS response, Sympathetic activation, and into the RESTORE response, Parasympathetic activation.

At this month’s workshop, we will unpack what’s depleting your energy reserves and give you actions you can take to Fight Fatigue and Maximize Energy.