Warning! How Fatigue Affects the Body

What you Need to Know

It is NOT NORMAL to be tired or exhausted.

Talking with people all day, every day, I would say about 8/10 adults struggles with something called Subclinical Fatigue – Meaning the person is not completely exhausted but living a lower quality of life because of the effects of the fatigue.  This is the stage where we see compensations that are starting to interfere with daily life. 

Many times, this is where medications are prescribed to “help” with one symptom or another, never really correcting anything and ultimately just causing the exhaustion wheel to speed up and get worse quicker. 

It infuriates me that our current system doesn’t look at the root of the problem, it just covers the symptoms with medications because there are ways to fight fatigue at the root. 

My mission is to help you get off the wheel of exhaustion and back to living a full life.

Why it Matters

It all comes down to one thing: Energetic Debt

Energetic Debt is when the body produces less energy than it needs to complete normal functions daily.  A body in continued Energetic Debt can end up with disfunction and disease, further restricting healing, repair, recovery, and recharging. 

Energetic debt always leads to compensations, these can range in severity from mild to intrusive, and can be things like:

  • Trouble Falling & Staying Asleep
  • Getting Cold Easily
  • Frequent Infections or Fevers
  • Getting Sick Easily
  • Constantly Thirsty
  • New Allergies Out of No Where
  • Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Compensations can also be things like higher blood sugar, chronic inflammation production, slowed metabolism, and poor posture.

Nobody wants to live day to day with any of those symptoms!

And I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to!

Take Action

If you find yourself saying you are tired, exhausted, worn-out, or fatigued – you are likely already in energetic debt (and I would bet to say are experiencing one or more of the compensations.) 

The GREAT news is: There are many actions to take that can help recharge the Body!  Habits to incorporate in your daily routines, insurance covered services you can utilize, and additional services or supplements to optimize results. 

I Want To Show You How To Make A Real Difference In Your Health And Wellbeing. 

So, Get to this months Advanced Solutions Workshop where we will go in depth and detail on how you can

Fight Fatigue and Maximize Energy.  Its this coming Wednesday Sep 22 at 6:30 PM