Brandon Bupp

Neuropathy and Joint Pain Lectures

Thursday, March 9th @ 6:30pm We invite you and a guest to join us for a Neuropathy and Joint Pain Seminar. This seminar is a way for us to educate you and our community on the negative long term affects of neuropathy and joint pain, but also how to provide a solution. Don’t miss out on … Read more

Metabolic Reset Challenge

Take Back Your Health! It’s time to Revolutionize your health and wellness! Come to one of our workshops where we will describe the exact habits and activities that can transform your health this year and years to come! Time to start creating the habits necessary to improve energy, burn more fat, decrease aches and pains, … Read more

New Year, New You Challenge

It’s time to reset your healthy habits! Over the holidays, our healthy habits tend to slip away. Our pros at Advanced Health and Wellness Center can help you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle forever! So many shiny new fad diets and programs promise quick results. The truth is that there are specific personal … Read more

Understanding Auto-Immune Disorders

One of the most misunderstood and improperly described conditions are auto-immune disorders. The problem is that people are treating a lot of different symptoms, symptoms that are actually causes of autoimmune issue, and they’re never actually getting to the root cause of the problem. My goal is to help people have a better quality of … Read more

Why Prevention does not work

Why Prevention does not work

Y’all heard this…it’s even become a cliche-  “Prevention is better than cure.” But is it, really? Today, we’re going to talk about why prevention is not your best option. That may be something that you think is surprising to hear, but the truth is prevention is at a lower level than really what we can … Read more

Is insurance your friend or foe?

In this article, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at what practitioners in healthcare practices go through to try to work with insurance and why it may not actually be your friend but something that’s hurting your health more than it’s helping it. Let’s also talk about helping to rejuvenate health and improve quality of … Read more

It’s the hormones talking!

It’s the hormones talking!

In this article,  we’re going to reveal major components that affect hormones that you may not be aware of that do make a significant difference in whether we have hormone balance or whether we have hormone dysregulation.    Watch our video here: What we want to talk about today is hormones and hormone imbalances, … Read more

TOP 2 Risk Factors Of Those Who Died From COVID

TOP 2 Risk Factors Of Those Who Died From COVID

In this article, I’m going to review two of the most common denominators found in patients who either died from or struggled with COVID.  Interestingly enough it’s not just COVID it also exists with many other problems. What we really need to be aware of is how to reduce our risk and strengthen our immune … Read more

Warning! How Fatigue Affects the Body

What you Need to Know It is NOT NORMAL to be tired or exhausted. Talking with people all day, every day, I would say about 8/10 adults struggles with something called Subclinical Fatigue – Meaning the person is not completely exhausted but living a lower quality of life because of the effects of the fatigue.  … Read more

What’s Draining Your Battery

What You Need To Know The NERVOUS SYSTEM is what gives energy and life to the body! Part of that is the Autonomic Nervous System – it controls involuntary systems like breathing, heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, immune function. The ANS has 2 parts: The Sympathetic is our fight, flight, or freeze STRESS response. The … Read more