Advanced Health and Wellness Center is pleased to include our organic Body Wraps which are unlike anything you’ve heard about or experienced. They use herbal formulations that benefit your body both internally and externally making this wrap ideal!

During the treatment, the detoxifying properties of the wrap flush toxins and impurities from the underlying tissue, aiding in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of your body.

Externally the wrap will help sculpt and slenderize your physique as you’ll see the benefits of body contouring, inches lost and the breakdown of cellulite.

This specific inch loss and cellulite reduction wrap was developed by a bio-chemist from the UCLA Medical Center. The process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the patients experienced cleansing of the tissues which in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing. It’s very typical to lose 4″ to 14″ in one hour.

This is NOT weight loss, this is permanent inch loss! It’s basically a painless cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin that helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. This is the healthiest type of wrap there is! These results can be permanent and are completely safe. This particular Body Wrap has been helping people lose inches for over 30 years!

Myths About Cellulite

Myth 1: Cellulite is Fat.

FALSE! Cellulite is a sign of a toxic body, caused by uneven deposits in the connective tissue of the skin, edema, and lack of circulation.

Myth 2: Only Fat People Have Cellulite.

FALSE! Even skinny people have problems with cellulite. There are two types of cellulite: soft cellulite characterized by the “cottage cheese” like appearance, and hard cellulite that mostly affects individuals in good physical condition. Often times, hard cellulite is the most difficult to eradicate.

Myth 3: Cellulite Responds Well to Weight Loss & Exercise Programs.

FALSE! Since cellulite is not a fat condition but rather a buildup of toxins, cellulite is not affected by weight loss or exercise programs. The only way to eliminate cellulite is by detoxifying the body and increasing circulation to the affected areas. Cellulite is often described as a condition of uneven fat deposits, water, and other wastes that have become trapped in the connective tissues of your body, just below the surface of the skin.

Our Body Wraps Increase Circulation and Remove Toxins From Your Body

Studies have found contributors of cellulite include accumulations of toxins in your body and poor circulation. Loss of blood flow to an area, whether from lack of exercise, excessive sitting, clogged arteries, or nutrient deficiency, can have an impact on the formation of cellulite.

Our Body Wraps increase circulation and remove toxins from all areas of your body, two causes of that nasty cellulite! Whole-body vibration sessions can also help the body naturally dispose of the released fat more quickly, as can injections of vitamin B-12 – both available at Advanced Health and Wellness Center.

Do you want to lose 4-14 inches in one hour? Call today at (330) 336-9500 to learn more about our organic body wraps.