Good Vibration Therapy

Long before the Beach Boys were crooning about pickin’ up such Good Vibrations in their board shorts and flip flops, a Russian physician in the eighteen sixties was creating actual vibrations as a way of physical therapy. Didn’t think this was gonna be a history lesson did you? Don’t freak out, the test won’t be too difficult.

These subtle vibrations were put into practice not long after by another Russian doctor, Dr. John Kellogg, who actually invented a vibrating chair that he used in his practice thinking it improved circulation and alleviated constipation.


Alas! Vibration therapy was born as another remedy promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself from the inside out and boosting your very best health.


What Exactly Is Vibration Therapy

There are a couple different ways vibration therapy can be applied, and each at its own intensity level, depending on each specific individual and the result desired. There’s either whole body vibration or localized.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT)

Pretty self-explanatory, this treatment sends vibrations throughout your entire body while you either sit, stand, or lay down upon a machine with a vibrating platform or vibration plate.


Localized Vibration Therapy

A hand-held vibrating device is used on specific areas of your body, such as your thighs or calf muscles during your treatment, focusing the vibrations in a targeted area.


If you’re thinking, why couldn’t I just use a vibrator to do this myself? Well, suppose you could but one, it’s not that kind of vibrator, and two, vibration therapy is unique in that it’s administered by a certified professional who knows something you don’t. That something is that there are different types of vibrations. Some are vertical, some are horizontal, some are sideways, and some are just plain all over the place. So before you go all Patch Adams remember you’re in good hands.


Put Out The Vibe 

You remember that scene in Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd tells Harry he’s gonna hang by the bar and “put out the vibe”? In case you missed it, putting out the vibe is a good thing that attracts good results. We want nothing but good results for you.

How it works is the good, safe vibes sent through your body during vibration therapy are used to contract and relax your muscles simulating a workout of your body. Even though this type of “exercise” may be considered passive, it’s thought to help with circulation and serve as treatment of specific underlying conditions, even Parkinson’s according to early research.

In many cases vibrations that are transmitted throughout your body can produce osteoblasts which are cells that actually form the bones within your body suggesting these good vibes help with bone as well as muscle strength. Even NASA uses this therapy with each of their astronauts to help with bone loss due to the pressures of space. You may not be going on a moon mission anytime soon, but you’re all for becoming the best version of you, right?

The reported health benefits range from relief of back pain to even boosting your metabolism allowing you to enjoy the moments you love the most with people you love the most.


There’s really no cap for what Whole Body Vibration Therapy can do for you, so give Advanced Health & Wellness a call to get in on the good vibes.


You’ve got nothing to lose!