Natural Foods To Keep You Full

People eat food for many reasons, not just when they’re hungry, but that’s typically the most common one. It’s nothing to feel even a tiny bit hungry and immediately hop to the fridge to snack or chow down on a full meal even when we’re not super hungry. Obesity has taken much of the country by storm and by snacks. Overeating is the leading cause of this sweeping epidemic, coupled with lack of movement, and is a vicious cycle to get out of.

It’s not just about looking overweight or even feeling overweight, but what how it’s hijacking your health on a daily basis. Processed foods high in sugar and fat are cheap and easy to get, so it’s not hard to figure out what an overweight person’s diet consists of today.

People keep pumping these tasty foods into their bodies without realizing they’re not just adding pounds to your hips but subtracting years from your life. The truth hurts sometimes, but strokes and heart disease are just a couple of the serious health complications surrounding obesity. We want to help you get your appetite under control and it starts with your hunger.


Take note of these 12 natural foods that will help keep you feeling full longer:


1. Avocado

a healthy fat that will actually delay your stomach from emptying after you eat, keeping you full longer


2. Grapes

great for fueling up with small portions and boosting satiety while satisfying your hunger


3. Almonds

contain pinolenic acid which is used by the body to create hormones that act to suppress hunger, also a form of healthy fat that actually transmits a hunger-curb messages to your brain via the nerve super highway telling you you’re full


4. Cinnamon

a fragrant spice, this adds flavor and antioxidants and aromatic spices of this sort help you naturally eat less


5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

filled with the fatty acid oleic, this works to stimulate lipids personally responsible for decreased appetite


6. Berries

specifically strawberries, cherries, mulberries, raspberries, and blueberries which all hold antioxidant properties plus lots of fiber, creating that full feeling within your stomach


7. Oatmeal

one of the best whole foods to help with curbing that out of control appetite, packed with lots of fiber and loads of flavors to choose from, makes this a top choice to keep that full feeling


8. Dark Chocolate

yes you heard us right, dark chocolate, which when eaten slowly and if it possesses at least 70% cocoa, the bitterness will signal the body to decrease the appetite. Not to mention there’s steric acid in it that slows down digestion creating that full feeling.


9. Apples

naturally full of fiber this automatically qualifies apples as an appetite suppressant giving that full feeling, but also chewing apples longer will slow the digestive process


10. Fresh Mint

contains natural calming ingredients but bonus is also an effective appetite suppressant


11. Ginger

used for centuries so many cultures take to ginger root for its digestive magic, acting as a natural stimulant that energizes the body improving digestion resulting in being less hungry


12. Whole Rye

whether you get it from bread or crackers or even pastas, this triggers a lower insulin response and creates a post meal fullness that many foods do not



This recipe for Super Pancakes are the perfect protein packed breakfast to start your day and keep you feeling fuller longer!

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