My Crossfit journey began at 39 years old. I am a mom of three that has struggled with weight loss most of my life. I believe I have tried almost every diet and exercise trend out there. Advanced Performance Crossfit (APC) has truly changed my life. I was terrified at first to try Crossfit. Here I was, an overweight, out of shape, older woman thinking of attempting Crossfit. I felt as if I was just setting myself up to fail once again. Fortunately, two good friends of mine that were APC Crossfitters encouraged and explained to me that anyone can do Crossfit, including, old, young, strong, weak, skinny, and even overweight out of shape people like me. I was not completely sold at this point, but after calling and talking to Coach Alex for at least a half of an hour on the phone I showed up by myself to my very first what they called a “WOD” AKA workout of the day. I was welcomed by two amazing coaches Nick and Alex that truly have supported and looked after me from that day forward.

This was the week of September 11th, 2014 and little did I know it was also “HERO WEEK” which meant a more difficult than usual workout. It was explained to me that I was going to do 66- YES- 66 burpees, wallballs, and thrusters! I knew there was no possible way I was capable of this. They modified and walked me through the entire workout and I completed it. If Coach Nick and Alex were not there that day to encourage and reassure me that this was something I could accomplish, I would have never of came back. Three days later I returned, scared all over again, but I was so inspired by all the APC members that were so encouraging and cheered me on no matter how horrible or slow I was. This was a feeling that I can’t explain, but kept me coming back for more.
I definitely was uncomfortable, last to finish, and could not begin to think that I would ever be able to lift these huge barbells with weight on them, do a pull-up, or needless to say climb a rope. WHAT?? But, I did and I do!! Each day Coach Nick and Coach Alex would spend much of their time answering my countless questions and teaching me proper mechanics to perform at my best. I got better every day and can honestly say I am addicted to Crossfit. I go 5 times a week and do not like to miss. I love that you are never at your best there is always “a better”.
I later met Amber, APC’s nutritionist and got involved in a 28 day clean eating challenge. I lost several pounds, body fat, and a ton of inches. I also learned the importance of clean eating and met great supportive people along the way. Amber continues to educate and check on me often.
I also use APC’s wellness center. I can’t say enough good things about their personnel that “fixed” my tendonitis in my knees along with many other perks. I could go on and on with countless positive stories about APC.

Now to my results, I have lost 35 pounds and went down 4 dress sizes since starting Crossfit. I still have some work to do, but it is great to hear how good I look, or hear my children say “mom you are getting muscles”. Most importantly Crossfit is my time where I can let everything else go and I feel healthy.
Anyone can do Crossfit, especially at APC, it doesn’t matter what class you go to you are welcomed with open arms. I recently had to begin going to the early AM classes and I was nervous all over again because I was so comfortable with my usual classes and coaches. Coach Seth and Coach Pete are wonderful as well, they both are encouraging and made me feel as if they knew me from day one.

If you are contemplating doing Crossfit give it a try. I will not lie and say it is easy, or not overwhelming, but the results you will receive and the way you will feel about yourself is worth it. I promise that you will meet great people and have the best coaches. Thank you APC for changing my life!