The basics of functional medicine

Functional medicine

Functional medicine is a healthcare approach based on science, that treats illness and enhance wellness by focusing on unique, biochemical aspects of the patients. It is capable of restoring psychological, physiological and structural balance. Functional medicine targets the understanding of environmental inputs, fundamental physiological processes and other genetic predispositions that interfere with disease and health and focus on treatment of the root cause of the problem.

Basic principles of fundamental medicine are:

  • Based on science, associated with, emerging research to clinical practice.
  • Biochemical individuality is based on environmental and genetic uniqueness.
  • Complete patient care, not just focus on treatment of the disease.
  • Dynamic balance of external and internal factors that influences the entire functioning.
  • Promotion of reserve organ
  • Interconnections among the physiological processes of the body that influences each aspect of functionality.
  • Cure the disease and also improve overall health.

Working of functional medicine

Functional medicine works for you, your life, eating habits, work environment, relationships, communication, relax and play hobbies, routine hobbies, previously takes medicines, digestive system functioning, chemical exposure and overall well being. Patient’s life, significant clues and other lifestyle information help to treat and feel better. Functional medicine first of all goes for the underlying causes of the disease. It reviews your choices and context of life. Functional medicine finds the things you are missing or your body needs that may be special vitamins, amino acids, minerals or probiotics. It also looks for something you do not require that may be fungus, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals or other environmental contaminants.

Functional medicine works to develop smooth and friendly relationships with patients, which is necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment. It involves natural systems and processes to tackle illness and painful conditions instead of invasive treatments and use of chemicals. It treats disease and promotes overall health of the body by adding nutrients to your daily diet and avoiding unhealthy harmful foods.

Functional medicine is capable to treat following health issues:

Functional medicine can treat stomach pains, lethargy, sore muscles, chronic headaches, sleeplessness, developmental and behavioral issues, joint pains, and allergies. Functional medicine treatment use to reflect your needs. Functional approach best help the people facing complex health issues like inflammatory responses, nervous, immune, energy, digestive or cardiovascular systems. It is also effective for people conscious about true preventive health care and wants to play an active role in well being. For example:

Irritable bowel: focus on food sensitivities, fungal or bacterial infections, parasites and digestive function.

Migraine headaches: check the hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, stress reducing herbs and techniques etc.

Arthritis: exercise, digestive function and food sensitivities. Use nutrients that rebuild cartilage, use alkalizing diet and metabolic cleansing to remove joint calcification.

Depression: counseling, nutritional supplements, special exercise and dietary modifications.


Basically, functional medicine is strictly patient centered healing therapy. Functional medicine is a health oriented branch of the medicine. It is also known as preventive medicine, which looks for deep causes of disease and treats in a holistic way. The treatment experience differs from usual experiences in a positive aspect. It does not involve any prescriptions, office hours or invasive procedures. It involves natural remedies, personalized care and wellness to improve health and forfeit illness.