Crossfit workouts for women

Crossfit workout

A Crossfit workout involves a high intensity, dynamic workout. It improves overall physique and well being of physical health. It promotes complete fitness level and body composition in both men and women. It doesn’t consist just simple exercises but it involves workout of the day i.e. WOD and total workout of the day with variable timing for each. Crossfit workout includes gymnastic movements, Olympic-style weightlifting and metabolic conditioning, foundational movements including weight optimize cardiovascular conditions and muscle tone. The Plus point of a CrossFit workout is that it doesn’t require equipment for a routine workout it can be done at home also.  Most of the CrossFit movements do not involve any equipment and can be done anywhere easily. It requires the use of body weight to provide resistance to the body. Foundation movements are squats, burpees, sprints, pull-ups, and pushups etc. it is equally beneficial for men and women fitness.

Here are the CrossFit workouts ideal for women to build and maintain their fitness. Perform 3-4 sessions every week. You can pick any CrossFit workout daily but keep it fast and put hard efforts and repeat as many times as possible to get a toned and fit body.

Running and treadmill: Running is basic movement. It is necessary for physical preparedness. Crossfit workout running involves splints. You can start from 200-meter sprint and increase it daily.

Pushups: Put your hands on the floor, extend legs behind, shoulders apart on the floor forming a straight line from head to feet. Lower down the body until chest touches the floor by keeping elbows close to sides of the body.

Jump squats: Stand with wider feet, hip width apart, chest upright and core tight. Now bend knees, sit your hips back, and keep arms straight to shoulder height. Press heels to jump high with swinging arms behind you.

Butterfly sit-ups: Lie on the floor, face up, and keep a folded towel under the lower back. Keep feet together and knees open to the sides and extend arms overhead on the floor then brace your core and sit ups.

Burpee: Knees bent, hands placed on the floor under shoulders then jump with both feet behind. Bending elbows towards floor quickly reverse and then start jumping straight up and clap overhead.

Lunge: Place your right foot forward bending both knees at 90 degrees by keeping chest upright. Bend elbows at 90 degrees by raising your right fist facing the floor and left towards the ceiling. Jump as high as you can with alternate leg and arm positions and then do another lunge.

Box jump: It requires a 12-36 inch stable surface according to your ability. Start jumping using a box with feet keeping shoulder width apart by maintaining a comfortable distance from the box. Do with quarter squats to engage your glutes and hamstrings.


It’s hard to beat CrossFit. It is a high intensity and effective workout. The main goal of the CrossFit workout is to develop and improve agility, strength, flexibility, power, speed and cardiopulmonary endurance. It doesn’t require a routine gym and can be done at no me. It is ideal for women fitness as upper parts of women are weak and CrossFit workout targets to build core and strength of upper body.