New Member Center

New Member Center

Our team is ready to determine how best to help you reach the highest levels of health and fitness. The first step is finding out what services would best benefit your specific needs and goals. Please fill out the attached form and info below to schedule a tour or call us at (330) 334-8300.

Functional Screening Assessment

Exercise can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and chances are you may have a few problems that need to be addressed as you start your journey to a healthier you. At Advanced Performance Fitness we start off all of our memberships with a functional screening assessment. We want to make sure your body’s functioning properly so that you can avoid any potential injuries or setbacks. If you have any health concerns, they can be discussed in this free consultation with our doctors.

Fitness Consultation

Your fitness consultation is the next part of your membership with us. As a new member we want to get you started on a program that will make you achieve the results you want. You’ll meet with one of our personal trainers and review your goals, along with any issues found in the functional screening assessment perform and also perform a mini fitness assessment to determine your starting point. From there our trainer will create a program to help you get started on your journey and determine if there are any programs that may help you in getting where you want to be safely and effectively.

Educational Talks and Screenings

At Advanced Performance Fitness our mission is to try and educate both our members and the public on health promotion and disease prevention. We want to give people all the information possible to learn about their health and how best to maintain a lifetime of well-being. Internally we host a variety of educational classes about subjects such as stress reduction, nutrition and exercise. We are also a part of a non-profit organization called The Foundation of Wellness Professionals which requires us to perform lectures on some of the topics above as well as hold screenings outside of our office for local businesses, groups and organizations. These lectures and screenings help us expose our mission and purpose to the public and allow our facility to meet more people and determine if we’re able to help them.