Don’t think you have what it takes to jump into a CrossFit class? Advanced Performance CrossFit offers two programs to help acclimate you to the sport of CrossFit.

Couch 2 CrossFit

Our Couch 2 Crossfit is the perfect intro to prepare you for the types of skills and movements that the program uses to get you the results that you’re looking for. Couch 2 CrossFit is directed towards people who are physically inactive and are looking to improve their overall physical fitness. Couch 2 Crossfit is for anyone who has goals related to improving their health and is always scalable to those who are physically incapable of performing certain movements.

CrossFit Fundamentals

Similar to the Couch 2 CrossFit program, the CrossFit Fundamentals Class is for anyone who is new to CrossFit. Although the Fundamentals class is not required for new members to attend it is highly recommended as many of the movements done in CrossFit are new and it’s important to understand the biomechanics and technique behind them.

These programs are both six weeks long in duration and will gradually introduce members to the movements, structure, and methodology behind Crossfit. They consist of three separate sections that involve orientation to the Crossfit methodology, instruction on functional movements and intensity, and integration into normal Crossfit classes. Members who choose to undergo these programs must consent to meet at least three times per week with their designated Crossfit Coach. Upon graduation from the program, clients will see a dramatic increase in physical fitness and will be fully capable of participating in Crossfit as a sport.

Interested in getting introduced to CrossFit through one of these two programs? Call (330) 334-8300 to set up a CrossFit Intro and learn which one would benefit you.