The longest nerve in our body is called the sciatic nerve. It starts at the back of your pelvic bone and goes all the way down to your feet. When this nerve is squashed for any reason it can result in a numbing of the nerve which usually begins in the pelvic area and shoots down your legs. This condition is referred to as sciatica.

The pain caused by this can be extreme, although not necessarily. Because of the delicate balance, the pain can be worsened by normal bodily actions such as sneezing or coughing, or by staying in the same position for a long time. People who suffer from sciatica often have to endure weakness in the muscles of the affected leg as well.

Left unattended, sciatica will normally ease within a few weeks, especially in younger people, but in severe cases the problems could continue for much longer.

It is always best, at the first sign of trouble, to consult with us so that we can take preventive care to reduce the risks of any worsening of the condition.

As with other forms of body pain, back, neck and shoulder, there are lifestyle choices that can minimize the risk. Of course, regular exercise is always a good way to stay as healthy as possible. A sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disaster, so move as much as possible to keep everything working as well as possible. Posture is also very important. Try to walk as erectly as possible, no slouching. Lying on the sofa is a terrible position from which to watch television, for example.

If you contact us at the first sign of any problem, especially in the case of numbing sensations in your legs, we will be able to work with your body to reduce the problem and alleviate the potential necessity for more drastic measures when the situation becomes worse.