Paleo Diet for Thanksgiving

What is a Paleo diet?

Paleo Diet is the one where food is basically centered on the items that our ancestors used to eat. Food items like dairy products, food grains, sugars and processed sugar, potatoes, alcohol, etc are not considered under Paleo Diet. However, eatables like meat, fruits and vegetables, seafood, nuts, unprocessed sugars like honey come under the list of approved Paleo Diet food.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is an important occasion when families gather together in their homes to give thanks for all the blessings that they have in their life. It is celebrated on every fourth Thursday of November of every year. The important part of this day is the Thanksgiving dinner that is prepared with utmost care and love. One can really combine the goodness of the Paleo diet with the thanksgiving recipes.

Let us have a look at some of the delicious Thanksgiving food that is also Paleo.

Spiced Nuts: Nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts and cashews are seasoned in a sweet and salty mix to produce the perfect side for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mashed and spiced cauliflower: A better substitute to mashed potato is the mashed and spiced cauliflower. However when you mash it up with a hint of thyme and chives, the dish turns into a super starter.

Oven roasted turkey with sage butter: Preparing Turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner party is one of the best Paleo foods, one can ever think of preparing. You just need to bring together ingredients that are Paleo- friendly and half of your job is done.

Mix softened half cup of butter, 2 tbsp of minced garlic, 2tbsp of sage and 1tbsp of kosher salt in a mixing bowl. Apply the mixture to a twelve pound bird (turkey), right under the skin. Quarter lemons and apples and stuff them into the cavity of the bird. Roast it upside down at 400 degrees for one hour. Roast it for another hour with the right side up. After that let it rest for half hour while you prepare wonderful gravy with flavors of apple, lemon and sage.

Avocado Stuffed Meatballs: Thanksgiving meatballs offer you the delicious taste of different dishes packed in a single unit. Stuffing adds another flavor that is the essence of this dish.

Make a puree of garlic (5 cloves), ginger (quarter tsp), Dijon mustard, 1 egg, half tsp salt and pepper. Add the puree to a mixing bowl and mix it with ground beef, chopped onions and parsley. Knead it to a dough consistency and make small balls from it. Make a dimple on the ball and place half inch of cut avocado and surround it with the meat mixture. Fry the meat balls in coconut oil until golden brown. This recipe provides a yummy side dish with a paleo touch.

Hopefully, you and your family members will enjoy cooking and eating these delicious recipes. Give a surprise to your family with a Thanksgiving dinner that is simply beyond their imagination.