Food Sensitivity Test

With the passage of time and the opening of people’s minds we are learning so much about reasons for different diseases and ailments. Whereas before the medical profession would simply try various medications to treat different problems, now we are learning that prevention is far more important than cure. Prevention is only possible if we can identify in advance which people may be predisposed to having specific problems. The reason for this could be genetic and they could also be due to an allergic reaction to a specific thing. These things include pollen, pet dander and, more and more we are seeing, food.

20 years ago the phrase Gluten-free didn’t really exist. Now studies have shown that as many as 75% of the population suffers from an adverse reaction to wheat gluten. The same can be said for lactose intolerance, leading to an explosion in the production of alternatives to milk, products like almond, rice and oat milk.
Some of the common complaints that people suffer from include, digestive problems, lack of energy, headaches, skin disorders, constipation and diarrhea.

A food sensitivity test is very comprehensive and can often indicate the root cause of the problem. By testing you by utilizing a totally safe, non-invasive procedure, we can compare the analysis to a range of food items to find which ones are likely to give you the most problems. This is a highly individual test. Two patients with the same medical problem could well have completely different reasons for it. This is because of many factors regarding the composition of our bodies and their thousands of working parts.

The test could indicate something as simple as the fact that you cannot eat tomatoes, or it could be far more complicated.

It is far better to modify your diet as soon as possible to avoid potential complications than to wait until you have a severe allergic reaction, or even worse problems by eating foods that will not agree with you.
We can help you very easily to ensure that you live as healthily as possible.