Dr. CJ Mertz – How Chiropractors Accelerate Their Marketing Results!

Dr. CJ Mertz has dedicated his life and career to helping Chiropractors accelerate their Chiropractic clinics. In this podcast, Dr. CJ describes how you can accelerate your marketing and advertising results through these simple steps…

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Quick Facts

  • ChiroPraise has SOLEY operated in the Chiropractic marketing space for almost a decade! Our experience is unmatched in the new world of fly-by-night marketers with little experience in clinic brands.
  • ChiroPraise is a ONE STOP SHOP for all marketing and advertising needs. When we build a strategy we leave no stone unturned for new patients opportunities.
  • ChiroPraise is the number ONE choice in the industry for high volume and high revenue clinics across the country. Most of the BIG success Chiropractors choose our company above any other to help fill their practices with new patients.


Testimonies & Reviews

Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky of Orlando, FL says…
“ChiroPraise is amazing! Been working with them for 2+ years now and they never fail to meet my expectations. They are professional, knowledgeable, productive and timely. I highly recommend ChiroPraise for your business. You will not be disappointed.”

Dr. Eric Nepute of St. Louis, MO says …
“This program is the program I used in my office to grow it from the ground floor up to arguably one of the largest practices on the planet.”

Dr. Christopher Mersinger of Willowbrook, IL says..
 “Thank you ChiroPraise for not only taking marketing off of my plate but for the massive impact you are having on my community! I’m very pleased with the quality of all the marketing you are utilizing and that it’s not just Facebook ads. You are the total package! Thank you!”