CrossFit exercise for the New Year

New Year comes with holidays and parties which mean a lot of foods and drinks. These parties and holidays may bring the risk of weight gain. Bread rolls, cakes, cookies, and pies cannot be avoided in this season but still, you have to be fit in your favorite dresses. So, this is the best time to start CrossFit exercises if you are not already a patron. CrossFit exercise is a mind-blowing step to stay fit and healthy in this season. CrossFit exercises involve daily workouts so start your day with CrossFit exercise and stay energized throughout the day. Enjoy your new year by sticking to a CrossFit workout. The CrossFit workout is not necessary to do every day but needs effort to be considered as a part of your routine.

CrossFit workout: CrossFit is a strength program involving body weight exercises, aerobic exercises, and Olympic weightlifting. The goal of the CrossFit workout is to improve fitness and workout capacity. CrossFit gyms are equipped with barbells; pull up bars, kettle bells, rowing machines, resistance bands etc. The CrossFit workout is for both women and men. It deals with fitness domains including cardiovascular, stamina, flexibility, power, strength, respiratory endurance, coordination, balance, accuracy, agility and speed.

There are numerous CrossFit workouts which are very tough and intense. Some of these are named as Cindy, Linda, Barbell complex, strict Lynne, Annie, Angie, Barbara, Fran, Diane, Helen, Kelly and Nasty Girls etc. Following are the best CrossFit exercises for the New Year which you should add to your daily routine. These exercises will provide you work strength, cardio, and endurance.

Dead lifts: These are called health lifts that involve weight lifting exercise. It involves picking of something up and then putting it down. Dead lifts build muscles, movements and engage major muscle groups. It effectively develops core strength and strength central muscles of the body.

Walking lunges: Walking lunges work for lower body muscles focusing hip extensors and knee extensors. It is similar to squats but lunges involve wider motion range. It gives better balance, increased flexibility of hips and core strength to the body.

Burpees: Burpees are great to burn fat, endurance, conditioning and overall strength of the body. Every rep of burpees works your chest, arms, quads, abs and hamstrings.

King Kong: This is the first gear to reach your fitness goal when you go for a CrossFit workout. It is just gymnastic and heavy weight exercise. It includes 3 rounds of dead lift, muscle ups and handstand pushups.

Jumps and lunges: Do 15 lunges by holding the bar and resting on shoulders. Repeat with alternating legs. Perform 30 jumps with rope. Finish five rounds of 15 lunges and 30 jumps as fast as you can do.

Jump, swing and dip: Do 10 kettle bell swings, 10 box jumps, 10 ring dips continuously for 10 minutes. Repeat as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

Squats and sprints: Perform 3 rounds of 10 front squats, 10 pull ups, 8 push presses and 400-meter sprint in continuity as fast as possible.

New Year routine may include fat, calorie containing foods and drink, parties that influence the diet plans and food habits. Holidays and trips make the workout routine difficult. CrossFit exercise is the solution for New Year fitness issues. These are quick and effective if performed with full determination and dedication.