Whole Body Vibration Therapy

An effective tool at Advanced Health and Wellness Center is the whole body vibration platform. It gives several benefits in less time than traditional therapy or rehabilitation programs and can: Aid weight loss Burn fat Improve flexibility Enhance blood flow Reduce muscle soreness Build strength Improve balance Increase range of motion Rebuild healthy muscle tissue … Read more


The therapeutic exercises at Advanced Health & Wellness Center are customized to your individual needs. They are designed to attain a specific physical benefit for your body and your health. Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises Strength for weakened muscles Increased joint flexibility Improved cardiovascular function Improved respiratory function Your plan will progress in phases as you … Read more


Food Sensitivity Testing Children and adults can benefit from investigating which foods their bodies are sensitive to. Rather than testing for allergies, we look at which foods create inflammation in our bodies. This can be the cause of many health problems. We’ll do blood tests in our office to find out which foods react to … Read more

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Health and Wellness Center, we have the privilege of seeing the many benefits chiropractic gives to infants and children. Starting chiropractic care early in life can give your child numerous health advantages. A Healthy Start The birth process can be traumatic on your infant’s body. This process sets the stage for the spine … Read more

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy is the start of many wonderful changes in your body. Carrying around the weight of your baby can have an effect on your body. Advanced Health and Wellness Center is here to help you have a happy, successful pregnancy. Whole-Body Health The weight of your baby means extra weight for your body to carry. … Read more

Chiropractic Care

CHIROPRACTIC QUESTIONS ANSWERED If you’re new to natural healing, you’ll naturally have questions about visiting our office. Here are answers to some of the questions we’re asked most frequently. Should I expect a chiropractic adjustment to hurt? There is no pain during a chiropractic adjustment. After an adjustment, you may experience some soreness. This is … Read more