Pass The Pumpkin Please!

Pumpkin season has finally arrived, so we thought it appropriate to carve out some time for dishing out some impressive health benefits of this yummy seasonal favorite. No more feeling anxious about what you’re bringing to family gatherings, now you can feel good about all of your pumpkin recipes this fall and brag away about … Read more

The Toxic Truth

We need to talk. Don’t you hate hearing those words? But seriously we need to talk. You know like the time your high school sweetheart wanted to talk and dumped you right before the prom. Well, this is kind of the same conversation only instead of breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s breaking … Read more

Evidence Proves Vitamin D Is Just As Effective As A Flu Shot

Why do flu shot campaigns feel like propaganda? Probably because they are. Flu shots and vaccinations are pushed so heavily because they help to line the pockets of the rich doctors and pharmaceutical companies who give them out – packaged and marketed perfectly to those who feel they desperately need it. We just have one tiny … Read more

7 Health Benefits Of Showing Those Pearly Whites

We all know Grumpy. You know that little dwarf in Snow White who NEVER SMILED. Well, if Grumpy knew the power that laughter and smiling actually possess, he may have sung a different tune. Your smile is not only your calling card and the most important weapon in your social arsenal, but it’s also a HEALTH BENEFIT. … Read more

Study Suggests Texting Can Lead To Heart Disease

Are you a chronic texter? What about your kids? Maybe you enjoy reading books on your tablet for hours on end. Pay close attention to what comes next because it’s going to save you a lot of future headaches, quite literally. We’re not saying throw out your cell phone or Kindle, but being aware of how … Read more

Dr. CJ Mertz – How Chiropractors Accelerate Their Marketing Results!

Dr. CJ Mertz has dedicated his life and career to helping Chiropractors accelerate their Chiropractic clinics. In this podcast, Dr. CJ describes how you can accelerate your marketing and advertising results through these simple steps… For a comprehensive marketing evaluation, you can reach out to us by requesting a FREE ChiroPraise CONSULTATION. Quick Facts ChiroPraise … Read more

Boost Your Oral Hygiene With An Electric Toothbrush

What’s the deal with electric toothbrushes? No, it’s just us, not Jerry Seinfeld. But seriously, what’s the deal? Everyone raves about them. Are they really THAT much better than my good ol’ bristle toothbrush? Just seems like there’s some secret that I’m missing because $2 for a toothbrush seems a lot more reasonable than $50. … Read more

Dr. Eric Nepute & Ryan Jaycox Discuss ChiroPraise

Schedule a Consultation Dr. Eric Nepute founder of Nepute Wellness Center runs one of the LARGEST Chiropractic and Wellness Centers in the country. We started working with him over 8 years ago at ChiroPraise. Check out this video with our Co-Founder Ryan Jaycox discussing marketing, advertising, and ChiroPraise services. The post Dr. Eric Nepute & … Read more

Natural Remedies For Allergy Season

When spring and summer attack….sounds like a bad movie. There’s nothing worse than allergy season if you happen to be one of the 50 million people in America that sufferfrom allergies. According to the College of Asthma and Immunology, allergies are actually the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Wow! These statistics … Read more

The Health Benefits Of Kombucha

Kombucha [kum-boo-cha] sounds like more of a dance than it does a health drink, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be dancing after you read this. We’re all about promoting things that are good for you, so we thought we’d jump in on the conversation swirling around this popular tea drink that’s taken over the wellness … Read more