Trevor Ward

Trevor first began coming into Advanced Health and Wellness Center after seeing us on Facebook. He actually waited about 8 months, did some research, and watched a few videos before finally making his appointment to get checked.

Trevor was suffering from constant low back pain after switching careers. He tried medications, doing weird stretches…just about anything you could think of to try and relieve the pain, but it just would not go away – Until his first adjustment! He said the next morning he barely had any pain, and that was not usual for him, he usually felt the worst, super stiff and sore, in the mornings.

Trevor made the commitment to his care plan and to do the recommendations of Dr. Bupp & Dr. Zack.

Now Trevor is out of pain, he’s not on any medications, or looking at any surgery’s. He said before coming to Advanced Health and Wellness Center he was at a daily pain rating of 7-8 and now he’s a 1 or 0!!

He said he has learned so much but the most beneficial thing he has learned is how to eat to reduce inflammation.