Tamsin Haseley

“I can travel as much as I want”

Tamsin first began coming into Advanced Health and Wellness Center after attending a Joint Rejuvenation seminar in 2019.

Tamsin was dealing with knee pain for a long time. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t go up or down the stairs without severe pain and it was interfering with her sleep.

She went to her primary care doctor and tried cortisone, but it didn’t help. She liked what she heard at the seminar and decided to give Regenerative Medicine a chance.

After being evaluated by Physician Assistant Leah Kline, Tamsin learned she was a good candidate for regenerative medicine and decided to do the Joint Rejuvenation program.

The Joint Rejuvenation program has worked wonders for Tamsin. She recently traveled to Dublin where she walked many miles, climbed a lot of steps, and walked many cobblestone walkways with NO PAIN!

Tamsin is excited that the Joint Rejuvenation program has given her a new lease on life!