Kelly Osterhouse

Kelly first started coming to Advanced Health and Wellness a couple years ago after hearing about us through a friend. She was having low back pain that had stopped her ability to workout.

Since then she has maintained regular adjustments because she has learned how important it is, and it keeps her able to do what she loves, CrossFit!

In May 2020 Kelly broke her hand (NOT CrossFit related) and it was not healing properly. The bones were not growing and fusing like they should have been.

After having a consult with Dr. Bupp she decided to do the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy 2 times a week. PEMF is a FDA approved therapy for the treatment of fracture non-unions and for the enhancement of bone formation. Kelly’s fracture healed in record time after starting the PEMF therapy! After 8 treatment’s Kelly went back to the doctor, and after a set of x-rays, was cleared back to CrossFit!

Not only that, but Kelly was cleared to CrossFit 3.5 weeks EARLY at 6.5 weeks post injury, on an injury that had delayed healing before the PEMF!

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Kelly also just crushed a bucket list move in CrossFit that she’s been working on for over 10 Years, a ring muscle up!

Kelly wants you know that the care she receives here at Advanced helps add to her healthy lifestyle, makes her quality of life better and will keep her active for many years to come.