Isaac & Callum

We started bringing the kids to get adjusted shortly after we became patients here. It started because Callum (8 months) wasn’t sleeping, hardly at all. He began getting adjusted and almost immediately began sleeping better!! Now he’s only waking once per night to nurse, and he goes right back to sleep!

We then turned our attention to Isaac (4 years). Isaac was recently diagnosed with Apraxia of speech, and knowing how amazing chiropractic had been for me, and for Callum, I asked Dr. Bupp if he would take a look at Isaac. Isaac has a few other things going on with his spine, but in just two months of getting adjusted regularly, he has shown massive improvements with his speech skills! This is huge for us, especially because his speech therapy had to be cancelled due to covid-19.

We can never thank Dr. Bupp and Dr. Zach, and the entire staff at Advanced Health and Wellness Center enough.

Chiropractic is the best thing we have ever done for our family.
(Gabrielle Stewart, mom)