David Beltz

David first began coming into Advanced Health and Wellness Center from a referral from his pastor.

David had severe lower back pain that was radiating down his legs. It was so bad that he had to walk with crutches and take time off work. He thought that he was going to have to have surgery.

After being evaluated by Physician Assistant Leah Kline, David learned he was a good candidate for regenerative medicine and decided to do the Joint Rejuvenation program.

David had HUCT injections in his low back and was feeling significantly better after 7-10 days. He was able to get a good night’s rest – something that hadn’t happened in about 5 weeks.

David said that the injections, chiropractic adjustments, laser, and decompression all combined have given him such significant relief of pain, its completely changed his quality of life!

He can sleep without pain, stand for 6-7 hours at work, can walk for longer periods, and he is back to enjoying all of the activities he wants.