Cherry Cannon

Cherry first began coming into Advanced Health and Wellness Center after attending a Regenerative Medicine seminar.

Cherry had constant severe lower back pain for 2 years that would cause shooting pain down her leg. She doesn’t like to sit still so she would just push through the pain, but it was affecting her daily activities and sleep.

She thought that Regenerative Medicine sounded interesting, so she came in for a consultation.

After being evaluated by Physician Assistant Leah Kline, Cherry learned she was a good candidate for regenerative medicine and decided to do the Joint Rejuvenation program.

Cherry had the HUCT injections and completed the supportive therapies according to her plan and now her back pain is so much better! She is not limited in her daily activities at all and can do pretty much anything she wants!

Cherry said her life has changed significantly overall from the Advanced Joint Rejuvenation Program!