Brett Cannon

Brett first began coming into Advanced Health and Wellness Center after seeing an ad on Facebook for a Regenerative Medicine seminar.

Brett had knee pain since he was 15 years old! He played football in high school, had 3 surgeries, several rounds of cortisone, and 2 rounds of gel shots. He was told that he needed a knee replacement but he was too young (he’s only 44!)

He was suffering with constant pain that kept him from sleeping and doing things he enjoyed. He couldn’t sit for long, but it was difficult to get up and moving after sitting.

After being evaluated by Physician Assistant Leah Kline, Brett learned he was a good candidate for regenerative medicine and decided to do the Joint Rejuvenation program.

Brett had the HUCT injections and completed the supportive therapies according to his plan and it has improved his overall quality of life! He is no longer in constant pain, he can get restful sleep, exercise, and sit and get up without pain or limping!

He said his life has changed significantly overall from the Advanced Joint Rejuvenation Program!